Our History

In 1957, my paternal grandmother, active in the vintage clothing trade, leaving for America with Cristoforo Colombo, buying, in fact, post-war used clothing, making it arrive in Italy with the classic "bales" which are subsequently selected and sold directly in the Resina market.


From 1969 until 2004 the management of the company passed into the hands of my father in partnership with his brother who, while continuing to buy vintage from the United States. With a particular passion for the Levis who, from 1974 until the early 2000s, made their company known throughout Italy, the city of Rome in particular, supplying the coolest vintage shops of the moment.


In 2004, the grandmother passed away and the partnership between the two brothers broke up. In the years to come, the management of the company passed to me with the supervision and help of the great experience of my father who, although not ready for the generational change and the evolution of business, I let myself do what I thought right, so, in 2011 the current Vintage Clothing Di Antonio Cuciniello was born, continuing the family history, supplying vintage shops, boutiques, corporate researchers, wholesalers and young companies.


Today, in 2020, we focus on ourselves and on the skills developed over the years, a selection of quality products, vintage products from past years, an after-sales expertise acquired and expanded over the years.

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